Session… This word is familiar to literally everyone who is related to the higher education system. In this stressful time, both teachers and students experience a colossal burden of responsibility and worries. Indeed, for all participants in the celebration of life called “Session” a hot time is coming. It’s time for sleepless nights, rush work with admissions, control

Gates of olympus

Are there Canadian Casino Bonuses available? They are. Most of the top real money casinos offer bonuses in the form a deposit bonus or a reload bonus. You can enjoy all the bonuses, promotions, and VIP programs if you register and adhere to the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are very important as

Russia ends civilian pull-out before Kherson battle

IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGESImage caption, Ukrainian forces have made big gains in Kherson region but the wet weather is slowing down their progress By Paul Kirby BBC News Russian officials say they have completed an operation to move civilians out of the occupied southern city of Kherson ahead of an expected battle with advancing Ukrainian forces.

Online Classes are Big Business

A rise in online courses has led to an increase of paid services that pretend to be students and do their jobs for them. I cheated quite a lot in high school. This is not a typo. I remember writing formulas for chemistry on small pieces of paper that I sealed to the bottoms my

Is knowledge independent of culture

Is knowledge possible that is not influenced by culture?   Culture is the foundation of all knowledge. Without culture, knowledge is not possible. Culture refers to the distinctive characteristics of a group of people. It includes everything including language, religion, cuisine and music. We are part of a culture as soon as we enter the

How to write a narrative documentation?

The changing healthcare environment today puts pressure on the computerization of patient records. For nursing activities to be included in the computerized patient record (CPR), there are two requirements: a standard nursing language with sufficient granularity, and a database that allows multiple data collection at once. Data completeness is a concern in documentation systems. A